Page Flip theme of Ink Wash Painting 1.0: Page Flip theme of Ink Wash Painting

Page Flip theme of Ink Wash Painting 1.0

Painting? Or you want to find some ink wash paintings for your digital book? These Chinese Ink Wash Painting templates are prepared for your kinds of digital versions. Ink Wash painting is originally from China, and it`s different from other paintings. There are a lot of styles for painting. Painting would be different for the culture, country, and even thought. But no matter what`s the difference, painting is an important way for human to show their

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Virtual Painter 5: Turn your favorite digital photos into beautiful paintings in seconds!

Virtual Painter 5

Turn your favorite digital photos into realistic looking paintings such as watercolor, oil painting, etc. with a few simple mouse clicks! No difficult setup is required. Your photos are turned into paintings in front of your eyes in a few seconds. Virtual Painter 5 could not be any easier to use. All you need to do is to open a digital photo, select one of the 16 painting styles, then click OK to let the application do the work for you.

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7art Shishkin`s Painting ScreenSaver 1.0: The Bard of the Russian forest brings you his famous paintings.

7art Shishkin`s Painting ScreenSaver 1.0

Enjoy Shishkin`s rendering of the Russian Woodland slideshow. Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is considered to be one of Russia`s most powerful and original landscape painters. Woodland paintings take turns with various transition effects that make your desktop deep forest look. 7art Shishkin`s Painting ScreenSaver will carry you to the the depths of the last century Russian forest.

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AKVIS ArtWork 6.0: Photos into paintings: Oil, Watercolor, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut

AKVIS ArtWork 6.0

painting styles: Oil, Watercolor, Comics, Pen and Ink, Linocut. The Oil effect converts your photographs into oil paintings. The program lays brush strokes naturally using the original photo as a reference. Even with the default settings you can achieve a realistic result coming very close to hand-painted works. The Watercolor style converts a photo into a watercolor painting. ArtWork lets you create beautiful, airy, and light watercolor paintings

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Freehand Painter 0.7: Sketch and Paint your Ideas Digitally

Freehand Painter 0.7

Put the paints, brushes, and canvas away! Freehand Painter helps you create brilliant vector-based paintings on your PC. You can try different artistic styles in a single, easy to use application. Just doodle on your touch screen PC to create realistic paintings with your fingers. The simple user interface keeps everything at your fingertips. It is ideal for painting and drawing on your touch screen computer.

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Paintball 2.0: Paintball paints a picture on your screen with bouncing balls or paint splats.

Paintball 2.0

The Paintball screensaver turns your screen into a painters canvas, painting a picture in semi-impressionistic style using bouncing balls or (new in v2.0) blots of paint. Five 3D-rendered images are included but you can also load images of your own choice, or let the saver make a painting of your desktop. You can adjust the fuzzyness of the painting by changing the size of the spots. The number of bouncing balls can vary from 1 to 64.

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Paint Zoom Video 1.0: Self playing Paint Zoom sprayer video review.

Paint Zoom Video 1.0

painting tool that is extremely coveted for its power to deliver pro quality paint jobs. In addition, it boasts many abilities that make painting tasks a accessible venture for all age groups and genders. Its lightweight, portable and ergonomic shape brings a level of handiness which has rarely been experienced during painting pursuits. The Paintzoom spray gun is proving to be an invaluable painting companion for countless individuals and is significantly

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Cool Paint Pro Image Editing A software for drawing and image editing with 40 painting tools & 1000 pictures.

Cool Paint Pro Image Editing

painting software for drawing and image editing with more than 40 realistic painting tools and a vast picture gallery containing 1,000 pictures. It provides various paint brushes such as pencil, airbrush, watercolor brush, mark pen, crayon, and pigment tube. In addition, you can create special effects on your images and photos with many fantastic painting tools including fairy pocket, geometrical shapes, color fill, filter, and magic bar. This painting

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Leonardo da Vinci Wallpapers 1.0: Leonardo da Vinci art on your desktop! A wallpaper art collection.

Leonardo da Vinci Wallpapers 1.0

Bring Leonardo da Vinci paintings to your desktop! Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian High Renaissance painter and scientist, an all-round genius whose paintings and inventions changed the world. Leonardo da Vinci was an amazing painter. His paintings contained incredible detail, which made them seem almost real... Get this high-quality wallpaper art collection to excite, inspire, and educate yourself!

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Picture Man 4.2

Professional image processing application. The richest set of retouching and enhancement filters, the outstanding collection of built-in special effects, powerful painting capabilities. This version introduces full-feature multilayering, painting with multiple customizable brushes, support of pressure-sensitive tablets, image measure module, new unique tools to correct defects in scanned photos and multiple other enhancements.

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